COVID-19 Precautions

With the world dealing with a pandemic, we are taking our precautions seriously to help protect our patients, team members, and our families.

Some of the changes you will see as compared to pre-COVID visits:

  • Call to Check-In
  • We are asking patients to wait in their cars when they arrive. Please call 865-983-6361 to check-in and our team will let you know when to come to the door, or a team member will come out and get you.

  • Please bring your mask or face covering to wear when you are not being treated
  • We request that only one parent accompanies a child.
  • Temperature Check
  • If you are feeling under the weather please reschedule your appointment. We do temperature checks when you arrive.

  • Questionnaire and Sign-in sheet
  • We will ask the questions on the American Dental Association recommended questionnaire.

  • UV light in main rooms
  • The UV lights you see hanging from the ceilings are on a timer and run in the evening. The UV light inactivates any virus particles suspended in air or attached to any exposed surface.

  • Air filters
  • Each room has an air filter that runs during business hours. The air filter is fine enough it filters out viral particles. The central air system has MERV 16 air filters installed, which is surgical grade air filtration.

  • Enhanced Cleaning
  • In the event our office encounters a COVID situation, we have the ability to “fog” our office with hypochlorous acid This weak acid is safe for the skin, lungs, and office equipment, yet still destroys the virus.